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London Pumps is one of the UK's leading distributors of Hydrotec's HydroMAG water conditioner products.

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HydroMAG Physical water conditioners are one of the best products on the market for preventing accumulation of hard water scale in calorifiers and other water heating equipment by altering the structure of minerals responsible for lime scale to prevent scale formation with no use of harmful chemicals.

The accumulation of lime scale causes environmental, financial and operational problems through contamination of water and damage to expensive equipment.

"The formation of lime scale in water systems is estimated to cost UK industry in excess of one billion pounds per year.  These costs are the direct result of plant repair, replacement of equipment and lost production or lost revenue due to downtime for the site."

Hydrotec (UK) Limited

London Pumps can specify, supply and service both the original HydroMAG and innovative new HydroMAG-T products for projects in London, the South East and the whole of the UK.

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