HydroMAG-T Physical Water Conditioners

Hydrotec HydroMAG-T
London Pumps are official distributors of the Hydrotec HydroMAG-T water conditioner to customers in London, the South East and across the UK.

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​The HydroMAG®-T Duplex is an advance wall mounted physical water conditioning system design to meet the challenges of lime scale in high efficiency water heaters.

HydroMAG®-T systems from London Pumps feature as standard:

  • WRAS Approved
  • DVGW W512 Certified
  • Five Year Heat Exchanger Guarantee*
  • Fully automated intelligent control available
  • Hybrid physical water conditioner with softener like performance

hydromag-t3 quadplex vessel-small.jpgHydroMAG water conditioners do NOT use any chemical treatments, meaning that water remains drinkable and potable. However unlike its sister product, the HydroMAG®, HydroMAG®-T does not use an electromagnetic field for water conditioning. 

The conditioning module is contained within a stainless steel water conditioning vessel and can be electronically programmed with water quality parameters and system flow measurements.

HydroMAG water conditioners protect often expensive water heating equipment and maintain their efficiency.

The HydroMAG®-T is a market leader in water softening performance and most water heating systems can be successfully treated by the inclusion of a HydroMAG®-T in the design, including:

  • High efficiency water heaters
  • Low water content
  • Very high heat flux densities
  • Small water ways
  • Water inside the tubes
  • Complex control systems
  • Electrically heated systems
  • ‘Challenging’ sites
  • Plate heat exchangers

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